"I stumbled across this pharmacy because their pricing beat anyone around. I was unsure of what I was getting into as I usually fill our families prescriptions at the big chain stores. I walked into a very clean and professional environment. The pharmacist, Jay, was so helpful and personal. I was no longer a number, but a person. He works to get you your medication quickly and at the best price. His communication is phenomenal. He even had to step out and knew I was coming so he called me to make sure I would not be waiting on him. This place is like no other and all of our medications are being moved to Pipkin Pharmacy."

-Amy J.

"Excellent Service!!! Jay is very knowledgeable, personable and friendly. I didn't have to wait at all. Highly recommended!"

-Vihang Bajani

"It’s a great pharmacy with great prices and very friendly and quick service. Would definitely recommend to anyone."

-Yolanda C.

"My good service in the pharmacy the employees are very kind and the pharmacist has a lot of knowledge and the best thing is that my medicines were ready on time and have delivery"

-Paolette C.

"The pharmacist there, Jay, is outstanding. He actually took the time to discuss my medications with me and answered all of my questions. I had more than a few, so I really appreciate his attention. Good luck getting the same level of service at the big chains. Can't recommend highly enough."

-Salvatore A.

"The best customer service and very professional. My grand mom had issue with getting medications on time. Pharmacist suggested using blister pack which they deliver once a month and now I do not have to worry about anything."

-Pankil Patel

"Best customer service in town, very professional, friendly and reliable. Pharmacist takes time to explain about each medication and one best thing is blister pack which helps to remember medication on timely manner. I would definitely recommend to use this pharmacy."

-Vidhi Patel

p: 863-603-8104

f: 863-617-9878